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     SaaS Restaurant POS Pricing Comparison

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    Comparing SaaS Restaurant POS Systems is not as simple as we expected and a bit confusing to say the least! The information used for our SaaS Restaurant POS Pricing Comparison came from either the POS developer’s website, a company sales quote or was provided by the POS developer, the source for all pricing is clearly referenced for each brand.

    Before we get started, let’s be clear that POS Advice does not sell or promote any of the restaurant POS solutions included in our comparison. We are an independent and unbiased Internet resource for restaurant POS information. If you need help comparing restaurant POS solutions, we are happy to assist and have several free resources available for restaurateurs. Download our free e-Book and use our free 3-step Restaurant POS Purchase Guide to save Time, Money and Aggravation!

    The POS business is very competitive and some prices may have changed, we’ll make every effort to keep our price comparison updated and and as accurate as possible. Please email us any corrections and we’ll do our best to verify and update all pricing, your assistance with this effort is much appreciated.

    We have organized the pricing information so you can compare the SaaS Restaurant POS Pricing for table service restaurants on an apples to apples basis and make an informed purchase decision. We are comparing table service restaurant POS solutions and have not included simple tablet cash register replacement systems.

    Our Pricing Comparison includes 20 POS systems designed for table service restaurants, bars and clubs. These operations typically require a more sophisticated POS solution and we have focused on table service solutions that are available on a Software as a Service basis. Most systems are available on a monthly basis and we have detailed that pricing based on one, two and three station configurations.

    For a fair and accurate comparison, we have included a 3-year Total Cost of Ownership Comparison for the POS software, ongoing software support and required POS hardware. We think a 3-year TCO is the best way to compare POS systems while proving the necessary total cost of ownership information needed for a purchase decision. Be aware, that some solutions require specific hardware that others don’t need. This of course further complicates the comparison process!

    For our example, we have included two POS terminals each with a credit card reader, a thermal receipt printer, a stand and a cash drawer. Our table service restaurant system also includes a dot matrix remote order printer for the kitchen along with the necessary management reporting functions.

    We have listed the compared POS options based on their 3-year Total Cost of Ownership starting with the most expensive and ending with the least expensive. We have also included our comments regarding each solution to help simplify the comparison process and we have included a link to each brand so you can easily connect to their website for additional information.

     SaaS Restaurant POS Pricing Comparison

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     Download the Pricing Comparison

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