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    Compare Restaurant POS Systems

    After defining your restaurant POS system hardware and software requirements you are now ready to solicit demonstrations and quotes from qualified restaurant POS providers so you can compare restaurant POS systems.step 2-A The terms and conditions of the restaurant POS provider quotes you receive will vary greatly. It is important that you compare them on an equal basis. POS providers typically try to make their quotes look good by adding in unneeded features and leaving out fees that you will be required to pay.

    Here’s a few useful tips:

    Calculate the total cost of ownership for the first three years.
    Make sure all quotes include the same equipment, programming and training.
    Be sure all quotes include all the features and options you defined in Step One.
    Add in the cost of any missing features, options or hardware that you require.
    Add ongoing service and support fees if not included in your quote.
    Do the same for missing hardware and software warranties.
    Add in shipping, staging, delivery, setup and any handling fees, they can add up.

    Many companies will not include some of these fees in their original quote in order to make their original bid appear lower. Don’t be fooled!

    For $49.00 we’ll do a detailed three year comparison of your total three year investment for your three restaurant POS provider finalists. This service of course includes our money back guarantee if you’re not happy with our work. Based on our years of restaurant POS experience and expertise we will save you time, money and aggravation so you can confidently move on to Step Three! Contact us today!

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