Fingerprint ID Readers A Valuable Restaurant POS Option

    Fingerprint ID readers a valuable restaurant POS option that is also cost effective and available for most restaurant POS (Point of Sale) systems. These units are used to validate an employee’s presence while clocking in or out of the restaurant POS system timekeeping module by requiring the employee to scan their fingerprint. This is huge, since it eliminates buddy-punching, which is another employee clocking their buddy in earlier or out later creating additional and unearned payroll expense for the restaurant. The American Payroll Association estimates the cost of buddy-punching at 5% of payroll.

    Another use for fingerprint ID readers is for manager access to the restaurant POS system instead of magnetic cards or a manager’s code. When the manager is busy or on a break it is too easy for them to pass their manager card on to another employee for a discount or void transaction or two or three fraudulent transactions. Of course when questioned later the manager didn’t do the transaction or transactions in question, someone else must have had my card. Same story with the manager code which employees quickly learn by watching the manager enter the code and then using it when they need it without the manager being present. These opportunities are completely eliminated with the fingerprint ID readers since the manager must be present for all manager functions. This also eliminates the old “someone else must have had my card or ID number” excuse and creates total management accountability.

    A couple of common questions regarding fingerprint ID readers are as follows:
    – Are they reliable? Yes. We had a customer with 100 readers and after five years of daily use had less than a 2% annual hardware failure rate. The manufacturer’s quoted mean time between failures is 9.6 years.
    – Are they legal? Check with your attorney, but the URU fingerprint ID readers do not store an image of the actual fingerprint and cannot be used to print an image of the fingerprint. The information is stored as a mathematical formula and not as a digit image.
    – Will they work with my POS system? The URU fingerprint ID units work with 90% of the available restaurant POS software. For a listing of point of sale software visit the manufacturer’s website at
    – Do I need new POS terminals with fingerprint ID readers? While most POS terminal manufacturers have integrated fingerprint ID readers there is also the USB fingerprint ID unit that we show above which can be added to most POS systems.
    – Are the fingerprint ID readers expensive? The USB fingerprint ID units are about $100 each and are easily cost justified by eliminating buddy-punching and by eliminating the use of magnetic cards by managers and staff.

    Fingerprint ID readers are time tested, highly reliable and something that should be considered by every restaurateur!
    For additional information visit QSR Magazine and view their webinar “Hooters Increases Profit & Reduces Theft with Biometric Enabled POS” at their site

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