Tablet Restaurant POS Systems

    iPad POS SystemTablet Restaurant POS Systems are maturing quickly and are becoming a reliable solution for restauranteurs. Tablet Restaurant POS Systems include iPad Tablet POS systems, Android Tablet POS systems and Windows Based Tablet POS systems and these tablet systems typically rely on an “always on” Internet connection or an onsite PC with a wireless connection to function.  This limitation does not apply to most PC based systems or Windows based tablets.  But, this limitation does apply to most cloud based and Software as a Service (SaaS) POS systems that do not address this issue via their software.

    In the past many PC based restaurant POS systems relied on a back office PC.  This meant that if the back office PC failed so did all the POS terminals.  This also seemed like a huge limitation but most restaurants never experienced a back office failure lasting more than a few minutes and the same is now true with Internet access.

    Almost every restaurant is using their POS system for credit card processing which also requires Internet access to connect the restaurant to their credit card processor.  These systems do not require an “always on” Internet connection, but when a guest presents their credit card for payment, time is of the essence.  Fortunately, most restaurant Point of Sale systems can utilize a cell phone backup connection from the network router to process credit cards when the restaurant loses their DSL Internet connection.

    So how do the tablet restaurant POS solutions stack up against the traditional Windows PC based restaurant POS solutions?  There is no question they are smaller and much more portable than a PC based POS terminal.  But don’t forget most PC based POS systems can utilize optional iPads and other tablets if there is a need for tableside order entry.

    In a case study of a restaurant that added tablets to their existing POS system, the big difference between the two solution’s was the features and options.  The PC based restaurant POS systems have evolved and matured over the years to include years of features and options designed specifically for the hospitality market.  The new tablet restaurant POS systems are not wasting any time and are spending heavily on development to catch up.  What these new systems have to offer could be all your restaurant needs. 

    We have a complete list of POS features and options that you can use to evaluate the capabilities of these tablet solutions so you don’t find out too late that what you really need in a POS system is not yet available.  We also have a free white paper, POS and a Whole Lot More!”that details the importance of the POS system to your restaurant and how it functions as a central hub affecting almost every area of your operation.

    The selection of a restaurant POS system is a critical decision that you will live with for many years, take your time and take advantage of our free resources so you can make an informed decision.  Use our Return on Investment calculator to determine your restaurant POS system payback time line based on your operation.  If you need help along the way to making a purchase decision we are available on a one on one basis.

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