Restaurant POS Purchase Guide

    1 2 3 POS Advice restaurant Can you find the best Restaurant POS system in 3-steps?  YES you can with our free 3-step process! If you have the time and patience to do your homework, our Restaurant POS Purchase Guide will show you how. The selection and purchase of a restaurant POS system that is a perfect fit for your restaurant and will pay for itself in a matter of months is a realistic goal.

    HOWEVER, and this is a big caveat, if you don’t properly assess your needs or if you select the wrong system, you will live with this aggravating and expensive decision for years. Do your homework, get the facts and enjoy the rewards of a restaurant POS system that meets your needs and budget.

    How to Buy a Restaurant POS System in 3-steps using the Restaurant POS Purchase Guide

    Here are the steps of the Restaurant POS System Purchase Guide for choosing the right POS system for your restaurant:

    1. Define
    2. Compare
    3. Negotiate

    You must start by Defining what your restaurant POS system requirements are.  Your requirements are a direct result of what type of restaurant and how the restaurant is operated.  Are you a pizza restaurant, a quick serve restaurant or a fine dining establishment?  Do you offer pick up and/or delivery?  After that, you have to think about your floor plan and how many terminals and remote order printers or kitchen video displays you will need.  Not to mention the back office system, do I need one or not?  And since the restaurant POS system directly interacts with almost every aspect of your operation, you need to consider menu items, hours and days of operation, staffing and more before you make the first phone call to a POS provider.  Here is a complete list of questions to help Define your individual requirements.

    Okay so you’ve done your homework and you have solicited several POS providers’ quotes along with viewing their demos. Now the important second step of Comparing those quotes must happen, to find out what your total investment will be.  Restaurant POS providers typically make this step very difficult.  This step is where the hidden costs of purchasing and operating your restaurant POS system are exposed.  The terms and conditions, features, options, warranties and included support and maintenance will vary greatly and will be included in some quotes and excluded in others.  Do a three year total investment comparison of your top three choices for a true comparison, for details on how to do this important second step use our guide to Compare these quotes on an equal basis.

    You’ve done your upfront homework, you compared all of your quotes and now you’ve selected the restaurant POS system that you’d like to install.  All of the hard work is done right?  Wrong!  Step 3, Negotiating is the most crucial step of all and it’s where most buyers fail to get the best system with the best terms and conditions for a total solution.

    You should be in the driver’s seat at this point and make the most of that position, don’t focus solely on price.  This is the time to get your best deal by negotiating the staging, shipping, warranties for hardware and software, ongoing maintenance and service, programming, training, go live coverage, etc in your quote.  For help with this important Negotiation step, utilize our list of negotiation considerations.

    So you see, purchasing a restaurant POS system really can be as simple as 1, 2, 3 with our Restaurant POS Purchase Guide and your time and effort to do it right.  However, this is often easier said than done.  Many restaurant owners and managers just don’t have the time to handle all the important pieces of the restaurant POS system puzzle.

    POS Advice is here for you. We will save you time, money and aggravation by handling any or all three steps for you.  We are NOT a POS vendor or reseller.  We are independent and unbiased restaurant POS system advisers with years of restaurant POS industry experience and are here to assist you. Click for more information regarding the Restaurant POS Purchase Guide.

    The selection of a restaurant POS system is a critical decision that you will live with for many years, take your time and take advantage of our free resources so you can make an informed decision.  Use our Return on Investment calculator to determine your restaurant POS system payback time line based on your operation.  And if you need help along the way we’re available on a one on one basis, just use the contact form on the menu bar.

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