Restaurant POS – the Central Control Center

    RestaurantPOS ControlCenterThe restaurant POS system is the central control center of the restaurant. The restaurant POS interfaces and controls all areas of the restaurant on a continuous basis 24-hours a day.  Everyone is involved with the restaurant POS system including:

    *  Staff

    *  Guests

    *  Management

    We will discuss why the restaurant POS is the critical component of every successful restaurant and what tasks the restaurant POS accomplishes for a restaurant.
    The restaurant POS system interfaces with the staff in a number of ways:

    A. Employee Scheduling by restricting unauthorized clock-in and clock-outs for all employees

    B. Employee TimeKeeping by capturing clock-in and clock-out time card data for all employees

    C. Employee Tip Reporting by capturing sales revenue, cash tip and charge tip data for all tipped employees

    D. Employee Human Resources by capturing all personnel data for all employees

    E. Employee Email & Reminders for internal communications

    For the guests, the restaurant point-of-sale system is their lifeline to a smooth dining experience.  Here is what the restaurant POS system does for your guests:

    Guest Reservations can be internal within the restaurant POS system or interfaced to a third party Internet based reservation system and today’s restaurant POS systems can include Wait List function with guest notification that their table is ready via a beeper or their cell phone

    Guest Order Entry captures the guest’s order details and transmitting this data to the appropriate preparation areas, these orders could be generated by counter staff, server staff, bartenders, drive-thru staff, phone-in order takers or online orders entered by the guest from their PC, tablet or smart phone

    Guest Check Preparation creates a detailed and accurate accounting of all items ordered with the deduction of any authorized discounts and the addition of applicable sales tax, service charges and delivery fees

    Guest Payment Process includes payments by cash, gift card, multiple credit card brands, house charge, member charge, hotel room charge or cell phone and the payment process can also be split among multiple payment types and/or multiple guests

    Guest Reward Tracking for loyalty programs can be internal within the restaurant POS system or interfaced to a third party Internet based loyalty-rewards program

    For restaurant management the functions are almost endless, here are some of them:

    Alerts for excessive labor costs, discounts or voids

    Table Management for table availability, wait time calculations, table revenue and reporting

    Inventory Management at the ingredient level with menu item costing,  inventory control and reorder functions

    Accounting and Reporting at all levels with recaps by employee, by menu item, by menu category, by department, by payment type, by order type and by time of day for revenue, labor and costs

    For more information regarding restaurant POS systems and their important role, download our free white paper “POS and a Whole Lot More” and take a look at our Restaurant POS Features and Options List.

    The selection of a restaurant POS system is a critical decision that you will live with for many years, take your time and take advantage of our free resources so you can make an informed decision.  The restaurant POS system pays for itself, use our Return on Investment calculator to determine your payback time line based on your operation.  And if you need help along the way we’re available on a one on one basis.

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