Liquor Monitoring Systems and Control of Your Liquid Assets

    Liquor Monitoring Control smLiquor monitoring systems and liquor control means different things to different people.  If you’re the owner of a bar or a restaurant with a bar, the cost of your liquid assets is always on your mind.  There is a lot more to it than your pour cost.  Who is taking the physical inventory of your liquid assets?  How often are physical inventories being taken?  Who is verifying the individual item counts and costs?  How are you controlling these liquid assets?  If costs are high then what?  Bartender pour testing, secret shoppers or more inventories?

    If you are not monitoring verified pour costs you are pouring profits down the drain!  If you are relying on your staff to control your liquid assets without verified controls you are pouring profits down the drain!  If your pour cost is low enough and you are making plenty of profit you are a fortunate individual and this information is not for you.

    Available Options:

    We all know that a liquor monitoring system that measures every pour and only dispenses drinks that have been recorded will drastically reduce most bar’s pour costs.  You also know that a measured pour dispensing system is not going to work with your customers unless you are a hotel bar, casino bar, an airport bar or a cruise ship!  Customers and your bartenders both want a free pour system with lots of over pouring and plenty of free drinks with as little management control as possible!

    Seems like everyone is against the owner’s profit making efforts, what options are available?

    It all starts with inventory monitoring so you know what your real pour costs are.  This means at least a weekly inventory of all liquid assets with verified counts and costs.  Can your management staff do this?  Maybe, depends on their compensation program and who is verifying their counts.  You or your accountant should verify the item costs and inventory extensions, without accurate inventories of all beer, liquor and wine you are just wasting everyone’s time.

    While you are working on accurate inventory data what about sales reporting?  If you are still using a cash register to record sales into a few departments you will not be able to pinpoint and correct your inventory issues.  Sure the bartenders don’t want to ring up drinks by brand, too slow they say!  The real reason is too much control for their liking.  As the owner, you can’t afford not to have this sales data.  The high margin good old days are long gone.  If all your bar sales are not being properly recorded how can you have an accurate pour cost?

    You can use free pour spouts and still control your liquid assets with individual bartender accountability!

    • First option is to do it yourself with proper inventory controls, accurate costs and bartender accountability.  
    • Want free pour and liquor control?  Use wireless spouts that integrate with the POS system for complete control down to the individual bartender.  
    • Want to lock down the bar completely with a hardware based control system? 

    Don’t forget to lock down your draft beer and wine by the glass.  Most of the companies mentioned have systems for the rest of your liquid assets that also need to be controlled.

    The selection of a POS system is a critical decision that you will live with for many years.  Take your time and take advantage of our free resources so you can make an informed decision.  If you need help along the way in making a restaurant POS purchase decision we are available on a one on one basis if needed.

    Click here for a list of liquor control solutions.

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