Find the Best Restaurant POS System in 3 Easy Steps Free E-Book

    e BookCover finalFind the Best Restaurant POS System in 3 Easy Steps is a Free E-Book guide for restaurant owners and managers considering a restaurant POS system.

    The Free E-Book is written by Bob Frazier, an experienced POS industry professional with over 20 years of hands on POS experience.  The guide demystifies and at times debunks, the process of buying a restaurant POS system by looking at each step without the confusion that so many POS sellers put into their process.

    The author purposely shows the reader what is and what is not needed and how the proper selection of a POS system tailored for your individual needs will quickly pay for itself.  Find the Best POS System for Your Restaurant in 3 Easy Steps is written without allegiance to any particular restaurant POS system.  It is the ultimate guide for restaurant POS system buyers.

    The Free E-Book begins by exploring why a restaurant would need a POS system.  The author points out that some small restaurants might only need a cash register or a simple tablet solution if they have a limited menu or or only a few sales categories.  Most restaurants need a POS system to provide control and to insure operational efficiency for both the front and back of the house.  A properly configured restaurant POS system will quickly pay for itself and this is one of the underlying premises of the E-Book.

    Moving into the “meat” of the guide, is the 3 Step Restaurant POS Purchase Process.  This section explains and simplifies the buying process for restaurant owners and managers.  And by dividing the process into three steps, the reader is able to easily see how doing one’s homework before purchasing is of the utmost importance.

    From Defining to Comparing to Negotiating, the author clarifies the entire purchase process for the reader.  By taking the reader through a step by step description of critical restaurant functions, the author is able to help the reader define the POS functions necessary for an effective POS system based on their management style and complete the purchase process.

    As is stated in the Free E-Book, “by following the 3 Step Restaurant POS Purchase Guide, the reader will save time money and aggravation while selecting a restaurant POS system and a POS provider for your restaurant.  As long as you do your homework and pay attention to the unique requirements of your operation, you will be able to select a POS system that quickly pays for itself and provides many years of benefits to your restaurant.

    Find the Best POS System for Your Restaurant in 3 Easy Steps by downloading the Free E-Book

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