Restaurant Employee Scheduling plus a Virtual Assistant

    Schedule101 imageRestaurant scheduling is a time consuming job that involves a number of employee related functions. The Restaurant Employee Scheduling plus a Virtual Assistant solution combines all these functions into one simple application.

    If you are still scheduling with paper or are using an Excel spreadsheet, this article is for you! Let me explain what a Restaurant Workforce Management System can do for you. Yes this applies to all restaurants and No it is not expensive!

    Lets talk about employee scheduling and why you should be using an automated system. Under-staffing costs Restaurants 5 to 6% of revenuesaccording to an in-depth study by the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. Over-staffing according to the same study decreases profitability by about 2%. Lets agree that both over and under scheduling are not good! An automated system provides projected sales by meal period so you can better schedule staff and know your labor cost while you are creating the schedule. Are you keeping track of hours worked for each employee while you are creating the schedule? You don’t want employees working overtime or part-time staff qualifying as full-time due to a schedule error! Knowing your projected sales, labor cost and labor percentage while creating the schedule is huge, but this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a Restaurant Workforce Management System.

    Your employee schedule for the upcoming week  is complete and now we need to get the schedule to your staff, simple enough just post it on the bulletin board for all to see. That works well for the staff that are currently on the clock and that means you have to be at the restaurant to post the schedule. What about the rest of the staff? No problem they’ll just call in and bug someone for their shift info. This is a big waste of time but that’s the way your restaurant has been doing it for years so why change? What if the system just emailed everyone their schedule? What a simple solution!

    As soon as the staff sees their schedule your phone starts ringing! I can’t work because of my school schedule, you have a list of my classes. I asked off for a shift you have me scheduled for, I gave you a note last week and you Ok’d my request or someone else Ok’d the request and forgot to notify you. These schedule issues become your immediate problem, what if employees could trade shifts and you just Ok’d the change? What a simple solution!

    More scheduling issues, what about the special event you forgot to adjust the schedule for or what about the big group that is coming in? Or what about a change in the date or time of one of these labor intensive functions? How are you going to update the schedule and notify the staff of these changes since you are not even at the restaurant? Just access the Restaurant Scheduling software from anywhere in the world with Internet access, make your changes and let the system email the staff their updated schedule. What a simple solution!

    What if you had a Virtual Assistant that kept track of new-hires and their paperwork, tracked staff training, maintained employee files online with the latest write-ups, manage the manager’s daily log and shift notes, managed an event calendar with a company message board and created  a daily employee roster so you knew who was working where? Plus you can check any of this information remotely anytime you want from anywhere with Internet access. Yep that’s what the Restaurant Employee Scheduling plus a Virtual Assistant consolidates into one simple solution!

    Those are all great time savers, but what about your Repair and Maintenance Log? Who needs a log, just have the bookkeeper pull the paid bill file for the last repair! That works fine if the same people have been doing all the repairs and that assumes the filing is done and the bookkeeper is available to find the file. We all know what happens when we assume! Yes this system maintains the Repair and Maintenance Log so you can access the details from anywhere with Internet access. Another simple solution!

    How does all this work? Do I need a PC with special software installed in my office? And HOW MUCH IS ALL THIS GOING TO COST? Good questions! First you might be able to do the employee scheduling with your existing restaurant POS system or you might be able to add this module to your POS system. Or you could utilize a cloud based solution which does not require any onsite hardware or software. Costs are going to depend on the solution you select, but most cloud based solutions are between $30 and $200 per month. Pricing is usually based on the number of employees at each location. In any case, these time saving solutions quickly pay for themselves by streamlining your employee scheduling process and consolidating multiple employee HR functions into one, generating additional profits through optimized staff labor to sales ratios and by turning the employee scheduling process into a science instead of an art!

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