Tabletop Tablet Ordering Systems A Casual Dining Must Have!

    tabletoporderingsystem e1404585086192 300x166Restaurants are undergoing a tech-based makeover with hungry customers using tablets and smartphones to get involved with all phases of their dining experience.  Tabletop Tablet Ordering Systems are a big part of the casual dining restaurant industry makeover and mobile revolution.  And this is a makeover, after their initial test of 5,000 tabletop tablets, Applebee’s is installing 95,000 more units!  Chili’s has ordered 45,000 units, Buffalo Wild Wings is installing units in all their stores and Olive Garden just completed tabletop tablet installations at 800 locations. This is not a fad!

    A tech-based makeover of the casual dining restaurant industry is interesting, but how are Tabletop Tablet Ordering Systems going to benefit me and my restaurant?

    Let’s first look at who benefits from Tabletop Tablet Ordering Systems?  This group includes your customers, your staff and your bottom line!  OK, now that we have your attention let’s learn why these systems benefit everyone!

    First, the guest’s initial tabletop tablet ordering system experience.  Guests review your menu options and details, including nutritional information, daily menu item specials and special pricing options in addition to the standard description and pricing of traditional menus  People eat with their eyes and seeing your menu images enhances the guest’s experience.

    The server greets the the table and takes the beverage order.  Tablets will never eliminate servers, servers need to greet the table, make sure the guests are comfortable with the tablet menu and verify the guest is old enough to order alcoholic beverages.  The better servers will reenforce the specials, suggest an appetizer and up sell the beverage order on their initial visit.

    Is the server necessary for ordering the entrees?  In addition to answering specific menu item modification questions, the server’s job is help the guest make a selection they will enjoy.  It is usually not convenient for parties of four or more to place their individual orders using just one tablet at the table.  Order entry by the guest can also become overly complicated when multiple modifiers are required for menu items or when the guest has a special request.  The server’s job is safe!

    Now is when Tabletop Tablet Ordering Systems really shine!  Without leaving their table, the guest can:

    • check-in on social media
    • surf the web
    • play a game or music
    • view upcoming events
    • join your loyalty program
    • request their server
    • order another drink
    • or peruse the dessert menu.

    These are all huge pluses for the guest and the restaurant’s bottom line.  The social media check in creates free advertising, games and music can generate revenue, loyalty customers spend more per visit and visit more often, extra drink sales and dessert sales both mean a higher average check and this all means more profit for the restaurant!

    Guests might have had a leisurely meal, but when they are ready to leave they are ready to leave immediately!  Table Top Tablet Ordering Systems super strong points, the guest can view their check, split the check however they like and pay the check with their credit card.  How about this additional guest security, their credit card never leaves their hand!  This means faster table turns for the restaurant but what about the server’s tip?  Tabletop Ordering Systems make the tip calculation simple for the guest and better for the server by basing the tip calculation on the check’s total before any discounts and by defaulting to a suggested 20% tip calculation!  Some locations have reported tip increases of 15%.  Bigger tips equal happy servers and less staff turnover!

    Tablets are changing the face of casual dining and it seems the Tabletop Tablet Ordering Systems trend is here to stay!  But wait a minute, who is going to pay for all these tablets?  Most Tabletop Tablet Ordering Systems have long term financing arrangements and some without any upfront investment.  In any case, the investment is quickly offset by bottom line increases plus the added benefit of higher guest satisfaction.  Some early Tabletop Tablet Ordering System adopters reported an increase of 20% for Appetizers and 30% for Dessert sales, people are just buying more food!

    Need a few more reasons to install Tabletop Tablet Ordering Systems? 

    • Faster table turns
    • Customer exit surveys
    • Immediate exit survey interviews
    • Immediate menu removal of out of stock items
    • Immediate menu price changes and new item updates
    • Reduced printing costs for menus, daily specials and table tents

    Need more info?  Here are articles regarding the Tabletop Tablet Ordering Systems installed at Applebee’s, Chili’s and Buffalo Wild Wings at,,, and

    Here are the vendors installing the Tabletop Tablet Ordering Solutions we have been discussing:

    • Beyond at
    • e-TouchMenu at
    • Presto at
    • Ziosk at

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