Restaurant Social Media and Mobile Marketing

    Social Media MarketingRestaurant Social Media and Mobile Marketing must be your restaurant’s marketing focus starting today. Social Media and Mobile Marketing is where and how new customers and guests find you. The days of looking for a restaurant in the Yellow Pages or calling the 411 operator are long gone!

    95% of consumers are turning to the Internet to find local businesses and most of these consumers are searching from their smartphone. New restaurant customers searching the Internet are looking for the following information regarding restaurants:

    • Menu with Prices and Photos
    • Online Restaurant Reviews
    • Restaurant Address with Pictures
    • Online Promotions, Discounts and Special Offers
    • Restaurant Phone Number, Daily Hours and Reservation Info

    It is extremely important that these smartphone visitors are accessing a mobile optimized website. If your website is not mobile optimized these visitors will quickly move to a competitor’s website that is mobile optimized. This means you just lost a customer to a nearby competitor! Click here to learn more about mobile optimized websites.

    Social Media Marketing is defined by Wikipedia as “gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.” The most popular social media sites for restaurants include:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest

    It is very important that your restaurant is active daily on these social media sites. One social media site is not enough, your new customers use multiple sites. Your restaurant must have someone responsible for updating the social media sites and replying to relevant posts about your restaurant on a daily basis.

    In addition to social media and mobile marketing, there are several restaurant review sites that are important to your restaurant. The biggest restaurant review site with over 132-million visitors per month and over 57-million reviews is of course Yelp! Other popular restaurant review sites include CitySearch, OpenTable, TripAdvisor and Zagat.

    Restaurateurs have a love – hate relationship with these review sites. They love the great reviews and hate the bad reviews! According to data evaluated from the Washington State Department of Revenue, a one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5% to 9% increase in revenue, Yelp is very important to your restaurant! All reviews, good and bad, must be responded to by your social media person. The good review provides an opportunity to start a conversation with your happy guest and help them spread their good comments to one and all. The bad reviews are even more important, each of these must be addressed timely and all possible actions to satisfy this past guest must be taken. You can’t afford the effects of even a single negative review!

    How important are these restaurant reviews to consumers? A recent survey by BrightLocal showed that 88% of surveyed customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 85% of surveyed customers read up to ten reviews! And if that isn’t enough, Google uses the number of reviews a site has as part of their site ranking determination.

    Restaurant social media and mobile marketing get the new customer to your restaurant, but what about while your guests are dining? It all revolves around your restaurant operations and your POS system. The restaurant POS system is the critical control point of your operation. Make sure you have the right restaurant POS system steering your future! For a Free POS Quote based on your requirements from a local POS provider click here and for a complete listing of restaurant systems and solutions visit the Restaurant Software List..


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