Several POS printer companies have now introduced waterproof printers for receipts; the best thing to happen to kitchens since the convection oven. While these hospitality printers have an obvious place in the kitchen, they are also winners in many different industries as standard POS printers, such as pharmacies, outdoor retail, healthcare, athletics, professional landscaping, any high-humidity environment, warehouses or any dusty environment.

Some may consider these waterproof printers to be a luxury but in many situations, they are downright necessary. A simple spill on a POS printer will ruin most electronics, render a sale gone and completely shut down a point of sale until the equipment is fixed—and who knows how long that can take?  That kind of delay results in an undesirable domino effect, creating longer customer wait times at the point-of-sale, slower sales, and possible loss of sales—if customers have to wait long enough, they may decide to shop where the wait isn’t as long and transactions are smooth.

Read more about new waterproof printer technology here.


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