Find out:

  • What mattered to a third generation family owned bar and restaurant?
  • How did the world’s largest mobile grill get automated?
  • Why did Park City’s best known coffee shop choose the POS system and how long did it take them?
  • How do you best take advantage of the capabilities of digital signage?
  • Who is using at-the-table order pads?

Everyone uses peer reviews on Amazon, Top Ten lists and other places as an invaluable reference. Reading about actual installations that other companies have done is a way to do solid research. Spending twenty or thirty minutes here can save you thousands of dollars.

Click here for the list of 25 Restaurant Point-of-sale case studies

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Useful Links:  – Retail and restaurant POS systems and content – over 5,000 articles , case studies, how-to, POS resources galore. – 100% focus on restaurant point of sale  – a POS support forum where users share information and answer tech questions for various products including Oracle/Micros and Aloha – free.  – A list of technology solutions for restaurants and hospitality. Find developers, manufacturers, resellers and processors.  — A weekly newsletter of technology advice and opinion for restaurants. 


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