Restaurant POS and a Whole Lot More!

    Restaurant POS and a Whole Lot More!

    Use our “Restaurant POS and a Whole Lot More!” white paper to learn what a restaurant POS system can do for your restaurant. Choosing and purchasing a POS system is one of the most important decisions that you make as a restaurateur. And if you are like most, it is one of the last decisions you make before opening a new location. All the many other decisions you’ve had to make regarding décor, equipment and menus are usually done or in the works, along with a dwindling budget, before you turn your attention to a restaurant POS solution. Yet this important decision will have both a short and a long term impact on your business. The restaurant POS system is the heart of your restaurant operation with all control and management functions interfaced to the POS system.


    POS elements

    As you can see in the above diagram, there is more to a restaurant POS system than meets the eye. Unless you’ve been exposed previously to a system you probably could use some help determining which capabilities are essential to your operation. And even if you have used a POS system in the past, the industry is changing very quickly, with new features and benefits added almost daily. Selecting the right restaurant system can be an overwhelming task, evaluate the various restaurant POS systems that meet your requirements and select the one that best fits for your needs and management style. Here is a complete description of restaurant POS features and options so you can determine your POS system requirements.


    Restaurant POS Features and Options


    Alerts and Virtual Technician

    Alerts management via email or text when predetermined thresholds have been exceeded such as voids, discounts or daily labor costs. A 24×7 virtual technician can constantly monitor the hardware and software with an automatic email notification of the issue to the POS support staff with details of the issue including the error log.

    Back-office Workstation

    Back-office PC includes dashboard for instant access to current sales including pie chart breakdowns for sales by menu department, sales by meal period, sales by order destination, payments, discounts and labor by job as a percentage of sales. With appropriate security the employee and menu maintenance screens can be accessed from the back-office PC, from any POS terminal or remotely via the Internet with all changes updated immediately to all POS terminals. The back-office PC can also be used for other back-office functions such as bookkeeping and vendor ordering.

    Back-up Server & Automatic Nightly Back-ups

    Real time back-up server runs in background 24X7 and automatically every POS terminal is backed up nightly at a predetermined time to other POS terminals, off premise nightly system and data backups are recommended.

    Bar Code Scanning of Guest Checks

    POS systems can print a bar code on the bottom of the guest check, this is ideal for payments taken by a cashier to eliminate selection of wrong table or check number and to eliminate errors when assigning delivery orders to drivers.

    Bar Code Scanning of Items

    POS systems can interface to bar code scanners to scan UPC codes for retail items or bottles of beer, liquor and wine as well as type 2 price embedded bar codes generated from bar code printing scales used in operations with sales of items by weight such as deli or seafood items.


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