Restaurant Online Ordering

    restaurant online ordering ConsumerIn today’s fast paced world your customers want to order from their iPhone, PC or smart phone and this is great for restaurants!  The customer browses your menu, selects their items, inputs their entire order including all necessary modifiers and at your option the customer pays for their order.  All this is done by the customer instead of by the restaurant staff!

    This means there is ZERO restaurant staff involved in the order placement and payment of online orders.  It doesn’t matter how many customers are ordering at the same time, as the online ordering system handles any number of customers without putting anyone on hold.  No peak period delays or scheduling issues with online ordering; the customer schedules their pickup or inputs their delivery information.   Plus the customer is prompted with appropriate suggestive selling and shown menu pictures of additional items to increase their order.

    All this with NO opportunity for the restaurant’s staff to make an error taking, transcribing or placing an online order.  With today’s restaurant POS systems the customer’s order is electronically entered in the restaurant POS system with the payment recorded, the guest check printed and the order sent to the appropriate kitchen order printers or kitchen video displays.  All done without any order entry labor or messed up orders, amazing!   Click here for our Video Library where you can view a short video explaining online ordering.

    Make sure you are taking advantage of all the features and functions of today’s restaurant POS systems to increase your profits.  For more money saving ideas download our FREE white paper “POS and a Whole Lot More".

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