Using Yelp To Make Your Restaurant Reservations

    Using Yelp To Make Your Restaurant Reservations
    By: Melinn Phifer

    topIf you’re indecisive when it comes to food, and need to look up every review to get a feel for a restaurant before committing, Yelp is for you. Or, you just need to make you sure you have a spot at that popular restaurant you’ve been dying to try, Yelp is here to help. Yelp Reservations allows you to make reservations with the press of a button, on your desktop and on the phone. The app, available for iOS and Android systems, allows you to look up restaurants and sort through reviews and ratings on-the-go. Once you download the app, choose “Reservations” to look up the top restaurants in your current location or a specific location of your choice.

    Before making the commitment of a reservation, the app allows you to narrow down your options based on what you want the restaurant to offer. You can filter the list by price, “open now”, “good for groups”, “distance”, “hot and new”, “free wi-fi”, “outdoor seating”, the list goes on…

    Try something new by searching restaurants in the area or you can search for a specific restaurant to see if they have reservations available. You can view each restaurant individually to get information on hours, noise level, whether there’s a happy hour or if it’s good for kids.end

    You can even check out photos of the food and browse the menu, while reading up to date written reviews and ratings of the food, the employees and the ambiance of the restaurant overall.

    Once your mind is made up, skip the phone call and make the restaurant reservation in less than 30 seconds just by pressing “Reserve Now”. Choose your time and then fill out your name, phone number, email and the box for special requests. Press “Reserve” and you’re eating Italian tonight at 7pm!

    Not up for leaving the house? In order to have a restaurant deliver, you need to download the EAT24 app but you can read reviews on Yelp before you make that delivery decision.

    Yelp isn’t just a restaurant app, you can look up reviews on nightlife, hair salons, shopping and more. 

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    About Yelp:

    Yelp Reservations reaches more guests than any other restaurant reservation system. 

    • In April 2017, Yelp had 92M unique monthly visitors on mobile and desktop in the US.
    • Yelp is the 20th most-visited internet property (desktop and mobile combined) in the U.S.
    • Yelp is the #1 most-visited web property in the Regional/Local category in the U.S.
    • Yelp reaches 36.4% of the total digital population in the United States, while OpenTable reaches only 3.6%.
    • 92 million guests were seated through Yelp Reservations in 2016

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