IP Cameras for Restaurants, Home and Office

    IP Cameras for RestaurantsIP Cameras for restaurants, it all started with the VCR tape recorder in the back office capturing the camera information.  Of course this system only captured the camera information if someone remembered to replace the VCR tapes on a timely basis!  Next came storing of the camera information on a hard drive.  This worked extremely well since the daily VCR tapes didn’t have to be switched and finding recorded video was much easier and faster via the hard drive.  At some point though, the hard drive reaches capacity and the system starts recording over the previously recorded information.  The other problem, besides the system cost, with these analog surveillance systems has always been picture quality.  When you searched and found the incident you were looking for were you able to view the details you needed?

    Now the latest surveillance systems utilize IP cameras to create higher quality images utilizing megapixel and high-definition technologies.  Great picture quality is wonderful but this all sounds expensive, right?  Here is some good news.  You can install an IP camera on your existing wireless network for less than $100!  Great price, but what do you get for less than $100?  How about a motion activated, IP camera with night vision, two-way audio, email notifications when motion is detected and remote pan, tilt and zoom with live video and audio from a PC or your smart phone!  The monthly cost for all this is zero.  If you want to store the video just connect a PC or a network video recorder.

    Why not install an IP camera at home that notifies you when someone enters or exits your driveway, backyard or home?  How about an IP camera in your office that notifies you when some enters or exits your office or at the back door of the restaurant?

    The uses are endless but again what about the cost to install a multi-camera system?  More good news, you could start with one camera and grow your system to sixteen IP cameras without purchasing any surveillance software.  Many systems include free software to record, manage and retrieve video data for up to 16-cameras.  The IP cameras can store the recorded video on internal memory cards and be connected via a Cat5 or Cat6 network to a local PC or network video recorder or you could utilize cloud storage for your data.

    For high resolution applications, like reading the license plate information from a car in your parking lot, you will need megapixel cameras.  The images from these megapixel cameras can have 50 times more detail than conventional analog surveillance systems and megapixel camera costs are declining daily. 

    Many IP camera systems can interface to a POS system, make sure you are taking advantage of all the features and functions of today’s POS systems to increase your profits.  For more money saving ideas download our FREE white paper “POS and a Whole Lot More".

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