Choosing A Bar Code Reader

    2D imaging scanners

    2D imaging scanners are the newest form of barcode readers, and they work by essentially taking a picture of the bar code, and then decoding it. Not onlyintermec 2d barcode scanner are 2D imaging scanners faster and more accurate than laser scanners, but they offer greater functionality. 2D imaging scanners can read linear--or 1D—bar codes, but can also read 2D bar codes, take digital pictures, shoot video, capture signatures, and scan data. They can read bar codes from any angle, work in bright sunlight, and are better at translating damaged or poor quality bar codes. Recently, 2D imaging scanners have risen to match and exceed the popularity of laser scanners. A big reason for this is that the cost of 2D  scanners have come down, enabling the spread of 2D bar codes in various industries (postal services, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, etc.). (Image left - Intermec 2D barcode scanner)  

    The latest consumer devices such as smartphones and tablets are capable of reading and displaying 2D bar codes. These 2D bar codes, also known as QR codes, have grown in popularity as a marketing tool. Trends for using 2D bar codes for marketing include digital coupons, gift cards, loyalty cards, games and contests. For these marketing tools to work, a retailer must have the ability to scan bar codes from a customer’s smartphone, which means they will need a 2D imaging scanner.

    The rise of popularity of 2D imaging scanners has served to make this technology more readily available and affordable than ever before.

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