Features An iPad Restaurant POS Can Offer You

    By Theresa Navarra, Upserve

    A decade or two ago, to become a restaurant owner, when you thought about managing payments, things might have felt a bit simpler. Perhaps back then all you needed was a cash register to accept payment for your famous burgers or fish tacos.

    These days, most of your guests don’t carry cash… and your servers might not even know how to balance a cash drawer at the end of the night, forget about using it during a busy Friday night shift.

    But you can’t really blame them. It’s estimated that by 2023, the mobile POS market will be valued at $48.77 billion. There is no doubt about it, restaurant point of sale systems of the future will be replaced by iPads (or some other type of handheld device) that’s for sure. But many restaurateurs are still unsure about this shift in technology.

    “Should my servers really be walking around with iPads in their pockets?”

    To answer that question, you really only need to look at the features and benefits that thousands and restaurateurs are seeing with iPad restaurant POS adaption.  

    Here are 17 features an iPad restaurant POS can offer you.

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    Whether it’s your staff, your guests, or smoother operations all around, your restaurant POS is a pretty big deal. The POS is the central nervous system of the restaurant. It captures your orders, routes them to the right places, secures payments and even...  click to read more

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