Restaurant Digital Video Displays

    Digital Signage, Menu Boards, Order Confirmation Boards, Customer Displays on POS terminals, Tablets and Smart Phones are all NOW!  It is NOW for all hospitality operations including:

    •  Quick Service Restaurants
    •  Table Service Restaurants
    •  Fast Casual Restaurants
    •  Coffee Houses
    •  Sports Bars
    •  and Nite ClubsDigital Signage Menuboards

    The obvious places for restaurant Digital Video Displays include: menu boards for customer ordering information; order confirmation boards to verify the customer’s order; and signage boards to educate customers on current promotions, upcoming events and rewards programs.  Studies show that the use of dynamic and animated content greatly enhances customer comprehension and retention of displayed information.
    Other Restaurant Digital Video Display usage includes; pre-sale boards to educate customers before they order, dynamic feature boards to promote specific menu items based on time of day or weather conditions and day parting menu boards displaying available menu items based on time of day and day of the week.

    The features and functions of restaurant Digital Video Displays are huge but why go digital?  Use Digital Displays to give your customers the tools they need to satisfy problems and answer questions!  Problems and questions?  Tell them what is new, what is on special, what menu items are currently available, how much do these menu items cost, what is included with each item, what sizes are available, what options are available and most importantly what you want them to order BEFORE they slow down the order process trying to make all these decisions.   Most customers don’t want to hold up the line making their purchase decisions, so eliminate this pressure and speed up the order entry process!  While Digital Displays are critical for speeding up the order entry process, don’t forget the drive thru where long lines often discourage customers from visiting your restaurant.

    Online ordering and mobile ordering apps take advantage of all the Digital Display benefits and are becoming more popular every day.  View our prior blog regarding online ordering from PC’s, tablets and smart phones.  Custom apps designed for your restaurant are becoming very popular and provide two way communications with your customers.  Pre-ordering and electronic payments from your customer’s smart phone is a big time saver for your customer and saves you labor costs while speeding up the order entry process.  Coupons, specials, event notification and loyalty rewards updates are all part of these apps.

    How about table service restaurants?  Online ordering for delivery or curb-side pickup are obvious.  What about tablets for presenting your menu and wine list?  Several solutions include wine paring for each menu item, beautiful pictures of menu items and detailed descriptions of menu items and wines.

    Server order entry from a tablet is also becoming very popular with table service restaurants along with credit card payments handled at the table.  Kitchen Video Displays to get the customer’s order to the kitchen are not just for Quick Service, see our prior blog to learn how table service restaurants are using Digital Displays in the kitchen.

    To simplify your operation and eliminate the possibility of pricing errors make sure item pricing is maintained in only one database that updates all systems simultaneously.  Restaurant POS systems do a lot more than send the guest’s order to the kitchen and print their check.

    Make sure you are taking advantage of all the features and functions of today’s restaurant POS systems to increase your profits.  A properly configured restaurant POS system will pay for itself, use our POS Return on Investment Calculator to determine your savings.   For more money saving ideas, download our FREE white paper “POS and a Whole Lot More".

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