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Restaurant POS (Point of Sale) Videos

Elo Video Case Study | Tandur Indian Kitchen - See how a touchscreen computer helps this Indian restaurant stay organized and keep customers happy! 


POS – 101 (1:42) 

Visit our Blog for weekly updates on unique restaurant point of sale features and options that could improve your restaurant’s efficiency and establish better control of your staff and $$$.

POS – Getting Started with the Evaluation (3:39) 

We can save you time, money and aggravation with your Point of Sale purchase decision.

POS – Installation Process (3:34) 

After selecting your restaurant Point of Sale system we explain the next steps necessary for a successful POS installation.

POS – System Support Services (3:06) 

We have a lot of information for the restaurant Point of Sale buyer to assist with the purchase decision.  This decision is critical to the ongoing success of your restaurant.

Mapping the Restaurant Technology System (2:00)
Table Service Demo from Revel Systems (17:11)

Credit Card Merchant Processing Videos

Credit Card Analysis of your Merchant Processing Account (2:25)
We know how the credit card processors operate and can assist you in determining your current rates and total cost for credit card processing.
 What is EMV? (2:15)
 How Credit Card Payments Work (2:12)
 Life of a Payment (1:49)
 Mobile Payments: The Good, the Bad, and the Confusing (2:55)

National Restaurant Association Videos

2016 Restaurant Industry Forecast by NRA (3:10)
More Restaurants Byte into Technology (2:34)
What’s Hot in 2017 Culinary Forecast (1:59)

Payroll Service Videos

7 Payroll Mistakes to Avoid (2:55)

PCI DDS Compliance Videos

What is PCI Compliance? (5:23)

Restaurant Owner Videos

How to Get a Liquor License (3:30)
How to be a Good Restaurant Manager (5:21)
How to Market Your Restaurant (3:52)
How to Calculate Start-Up Costs (3:43)

Data and Analytics Solutions

Arby's Forecasts Retail Success in Tableau (3:18)

Arby’s used Tableau to map customer behavior using point-of-sale data, discovering that remodeling locations led to increased sales. With this knowledge, Arby’s executed five times more remodels within a year. Automating the Financial Planning and Analysis group’s 6-hour reporting process in Tableau helped operations track promotion success and spot issues, impacting field responses and saving money